Located in the heart of historic Downtown New Westminster, BC, we are a brick and mortar store that also sells online. We have been in the business of board games since 2008. Being tucked around the corner on a small street, we've kept our overhead costs low, which enables us to sell our games at prices comparable with online game sellers. We are delighted to have taken the extra steps necessary to offer the public a location where they can also play games in addition to acquiring them.

You won't see "STAFF" shirts at Board Game Warriors, because we're not a staff. We're a family. If you've been here, you probably know Kirby. You may have been greeted by Critty, or played with Kukido the Dog. We're at home here, and the reason our home has hundreds of open games is because we want to play all these games, not just sell them.

Which is why we organize the Meetup group, Board Gamers of Vancouver and Beyond the Infinite. With over 2000 members, our events attract a regular crowd of friendly people who enjoy casual gaming. Regular events include Open Board Gaming on Tuesday and Thursday nights, and Saturday afternoons, Friday Night Magic the Gathering, Role Playing with the Vancouver Gaming Guild on most Sundays, and the Board Game Swap on the third Sunday of January and July.

We're here 7 days a week, either tucked around the corner at Clarkson St. and Begbie, or on the internets. We ship to anywhere in Canada or the US, and offer local pickup as well on internet sales. Do come in and browse anytime.

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