Age of Steam: Time Traveller

This is an expansion for Age of Steam and requires the base game to play.

Age of Steam: Time Traveler is an exciting new expansion for the highly popular Age of Steam board game series.

Imagine creating a railway network that can transport you to 8 different Eras in Time!  For example, profit by moving goods from Ancient Greece to Napoleonic France or from the Stone Age to H.G. Well's FUTURE…the combinations are mind-boggling!

It is late 19th century America and the first time travel device is developed by Nikola Tesla. The "Tesla Coil" is able to bend time-space but requires great speed to do so. With funding from the B&O railroad, Mr. Tesla outfits several locomotives with the Tesla Coil and employs a crew of top-secret conductors to travel on the tracks of time. The job won't be easy, but the profits could be great.

Are you ready to travel the Railways through Time?

Game Components:

 8  different time-era map-boards
 Game Rules

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