Cards of Cthulhu

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Age 10+
Players 1-4
Time 060

Based on H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos, in this Kickstarter card game you select an Investigator, and battle the invading Cthulhu Minions and Horrors while building up a team of Followers to help you.

This 1-4 player card/dice game involves combating various monsters from the Cthulhu universe separated into Minor, Major and Unspeakable Horror cards across 4 different Cult boards. Along the way, your character can bring followers with special abilities into play that may or or may not have a cost. Additionally, you can buy special items that help you defeat the monsters. Certain cards have special abilities such as The Gate Card that makes you draw an additional cult card or The Cursed Scroll which forces you to pay XP or draw three more cult cards.

To win: If there are more than 5 Minions on any Cult Board at the end of any turn, that Cult summons their Elder God. You
lose. No mortal can hope to face these beings and, the world is lost. If, however, you are able to empty the Cult Deck without the world ending, you have foiled the arrival of the Elder Gods, and you win the game.

Inside the Box:

10 Investigator cards
10 Follower cards
12 Item cards
8 Cult Gate cards
4 Minor Horror Cult cards
4 Major Horror Cult cards
4 Unspeakable Horror Cult cards
56 Minion Cult cards
7 Custom Cthulhu Dice
4 8.5" x 11" Cult (player) boards
10 Metal Custom Cthulhu Coins
1 player help sheet

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