Exit: The Game – The Forgotten Island

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Age 12+
Players 1-4
Time 060

A sailing trip in the Pacific ends in a storm. The boat capsizes and the players strand on a seemingly lonely island. But apparently they are not the first on this island. At the beach you will find a chained boat. An unknown person has riddled the whole island. Will the team solve them all, get rid of the boat and escape?

With "EXIT - The Game", players with a bit of dedication, team spirit and creativity gradually discover more and more items, crack codes, solve puzzles and come closer to freedom bit by bit. At the same time, unusual paths must be taken. Thus, the material may be kinked, labeled or torn. Once the secret of the island has been revealed, the event game can not be played a second time. This makes the game night a special highlight.

Live escape feeling in the advanced level.

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