Firefly: The Game - Promo Card Pack

Pack contains the seven promo cards ~ the Big Damn Heroes, Mal's Floral Bonnet, and Wash's Dinosaur. 

Firefly: The Game - Big Damn Heroes consists of five cards that feature some of the main characters of the Firefly television series created by Joss Whedon. The promo includes:

  • Malcom - a You Can't Take the Sky from Me card
  • Zoe - Silverhold Munitions card
  • Wash - Space Bazaar card
  • Kaylee - Regina card
  • Jayne - Silverhold Munitions card

Firefly: The Game - Big Damn Heroes was released as a preorder bonus for Firefly: The Game, then distributed by normal retail outlets in 2014.

The Firefly: The Game - Mal's Pretty Floral Bonnet promo consists of 1 card featuring Malcom. It allows a player to ignore die rolls for attempts to capture Wanted Crew. Also it does not count towards a Crew's gear carrying limit (normally 1).

This promo was originally released as a bonus for ordering Firefly: The Game.

The Firefly: The Game - Wash's Lucky Dinosaurs Promo Card features Wash. When Flying, a player can re-roll any Test result of 1. Does not count towards Gear Limit.

This promo was released by Gale Force Nine for posting a picture showing the game and a dinosaur picture on their Facebook and/or Twitter page.


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