Star Wars LCG: Escape from Hoth


It is a desperate time for the Rebel Alliance. The Battle of Hoth has turned against the Rebels and their allies. Their base has been breached by Imperial snowtroopers while a fleet of Star Destroyers waits to make sure no ships slip free of the Hoth system. While General Veers pilots his massive AT-AT walker against Echo Base’s primary shield generator, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Princess Leia Organa seek to buy time – and hope – for the Rebel evacuation...

Escape from Hoth is the exciting final Force Pack in "The Hoth Cycle" for Star Wars: The Card Game! The balance of the Force turns to the dark side in Escape from Hoth as it gains three of the Force Pack's five new objective sets, including one that introduces the Super Star Destroyer, Executor. However, even as the dark side looks to deploy this incredible Vehicle and hunt down the rag-tag remnants of the Rebellion with hired bounty hunters, the light side isn't yet ready to concede defeat. Light side players can take hope from the arrival of several iconic new units, including a new Rebel Alliance version of Han Solo!

At the end of "The Hoth Cycle", the siege on Echo Base and the cycle's focus on the Hoth trait come to a dramatic close. Will this Force Pack see the end of the Rebel Alliance and its allies? Or will Luke, Leia, Han, and the light side's other key champions escape from the frozen planet to plan their next strike and keep the fires of freedom lit?

This force pack contains two (2) of every objective. There are Jedi, Rebel Alliance, Sith, Scum and Villainy, and dark side neutral objectives in this expansion. There are no Smugglers and Spies, light side neutral, or Imperial Navy objectives in this expansion.

Escape from Hoth
Objective Sets 64-68

64: A Hero's Resolve (x2) (Jedi)
2. Luke Skywalker
3. Snowspeeder
4. Tauntaun
5. Battle of Hoth
6. Heat of Battle

65: Evacuation Procedure (x2) (Rebel Alliance)
2. Han Solo
3. Toryn Farr
4. Bright Hope
5. Buried Output
6. Battle of Hoth

66: Executor Arrives (x2) (Sith)
2. Executor
3. ISB Liason
4. ISB Liason
5. Sith Holocron
6. Aggression

67: Hunt Them Down (x2) (Scum and Villainy)
2. Dengar
3. Kihraxz-class Assault Fighter
4. Kihraxz-class Assault Fighter
5. Remote Hideout
6. Target of Opportunity

68: Endless Reserves (x2) (DS Neutral)
2. Vast Resources
3. Vast Resources
4. Vast Resources
5. Vast Resources
6. Vast Resources

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