X-Wing: A-Wing

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Conceived by General Dodonna, the RZ-1 A-wing interceptor proved its worth by crippling Star Destroyers during the Battle of Endor. Now this highly maneuverable starfighter adds another exciting dimension to Rebel squadrons. The Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game - A-Wing Expansion Pack introduces one A-wing miniature with four pilots and five upgrades. Only the most talented pilots belong in an A-wing cockpit as they push the starfighter's limits in the galaxy's deadliest dogfights!


Pilot Cards
• Tycho Celchu
• Arvel Crynyd
• Green Squadron Pilot
• Prototype Pilot

Missile Cards
• Cluster Missiles
• Concussion Missiles
• Homing Missiles

Elite Skill Cards
• Deadeye
• Push The Limit


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