Struggle of Empires

Age 13+
Players 2-7
Time 180

An open copy of this game is available for play at Board Game Warriors.

In Struggle of Empires, designer Martin Wallace manages to take the imperialism of the 19th century and make a fascinating, heavily strategic game. Introducing a fascinating mechanic that keeps alliances shifting over the course of a game, Struggle of Empires allows a player an almost overwhelming number of choices each turn, as players seek to capture and hold lucrative colonies. With a bit of combat, a bit of negotiation, and clever use of allies, players can build empires to remember! Players must use negotiation and war to win in this game that will surely delight those looking for a "meaty" game.

Think of Civilization/Age of Renaissance set in the 18th century. Players take the role of one of the major powers of the period and fight in both Europe and the colonies. The twist to the game is that in each war, players must form into two alliances. Once allied with a player, you cannot fight each other. This means that you do not have the backstabbing of Diplomacy to worry about; if he's allied, he's with you until the end of the war. This means that a player has to think carefully about who he wants to fight against and who he wants to ally with. Very often he will want to ally with his natural enemy and go to war with the guy who doesn't really want to fight him. On top of this, you have lots of improvement tiles that you buy to shape your empire, plus alliances with minor powers, and the possibility of going into revolution. Even though it is a big empire building game, it will scale from 3 to 7 players and has pretty simple rules.

1 game board
6 card counter sheets
plastic coins
4 dice
2 wooden tokens
2 player aid cards

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