SDE: Claws of the Wyrm Warband


The Claws of the Wyrm enforce the Dragon Priests' will among the unruly Kobolds and bring death to their enemies. The Dragon Blades are sworn foes to all draconic creatures. They are ruthless foes and particularly skilled when facing their most hated foe—dragons.


  • 1x Dragon Blade — Elf Hero
  • 1x Wyrm Claw Templar — Kobold Mini-Boss
  • 2x Black Claw Assassins — Kobold Minion
  • 3x Claw Trainer — Kobold Minion
  • 6x Drake Hound — Drake Denizen
  • 2x Claw Shrine — Spawning Point
  • Model Game Cards
  • Drake Kabob Treasure Card

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