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Age 12+
Players 2
Time 060

Male members of the Tuareg desert people are called "Targi," and as tribal leaders they deal in goods from near and far such as dates, salt, and pepper to get highly coveted gold coins and benefits.

In Targi, a new entry in Kosmos' two-player line, players are leaders of a Tuareg tribe and want to increase their tribe's strength and influence. To do this, they need to gain the right items and use their possible actions wisely to end up with a bit of gold in their pockets. If you don't reach a dealer quickly, the opponent might do so first – but what if you bring a whole caravan of coveted goods?


  • 80 cards
    • 45 tribal cards
    • 19 good cards
    • 16 edge cards
  • 8 gold coins
  • 6 Targi figures
  • 4 tribal markers
  • 1 robber figure
  • 30 goods tiles (ten each of dates, salt and pepper)
  • 1 starting player tile (amulet)
  • 15 victory point tokens (Silver Crosses, amounting to 6x1 cross, 5x3 cross, 4x5 cross)
  • Rules

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