The King's Armory

Age 13
Players 1-7
Time 120

The King's Armory has a couple unique features to it that have never been done before.

1st - It's the first Table Top Board Game that really remains true to online TD in both game play and style, retaining a path system, and the Medieval Fantasy Genre, along with the need to build towers to defend your castle.

2nd - You can add or remove a player from the game at any time. This is an awesome feature!
If you plan a game night, then your 1 buddy shows up an hour late, you can start without him, and he can jump in when he arrives.
Alternately if he, or anyone, ALSO has to leave early, no sweat!
The game adjusts its difficulty level based on the # of Heroes being played at any given time.

Some been done, but not often enough, features:
3rd - You can play with any # of players. Including 1!

4th - It's a strategy game that is very easy to learn. Play through it once, and by the end of the 1st wave you'll understand 80-90% of the mechanics, and be able to teach your late friend one in 1 wave as well.

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