Zombicide: Walk of the Dead Set #1

Walk of the Dead ...
Zombie reinforcements have arrived! This box contains additional zombies for the board game Zombicide: the Fatties, Runners and Walkers of which will invade and overwhelm the Survivors.
In other words, more experience and less activations for Survivors. This town is not big enough for two species!
This box also contains the dreaded Zombies cards "The Walk of the Dead." You can play them on their own, or mix with your regular Zombie deck to increase the number of walkers on the board. In both cases, an inexorable horde of zombies approach. Will you accept the challenge to achieve greater victories?
The base game of Zombicide is required to enjoy the horrible content of this extension.
  • 15 Walkers
  • 6 Runners
  • 3 Fatties
  • 12 cards Zombies - "The Walk of the Dead."

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